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The B-Mix – Rajeev B – Free Download

Prepare to B-Mixed!
Leading DJ and producer Rajeev B is going back to his roots and releasing a MixTape that is a true mash-up of some amazing dance-floor Bhangra bangers with a load of booming urban beats.London based Rajeev B shot to fame in 2011 with his track ‘Daroo’, but actually started his musical journey as a teenager, creating remixes that were inspired by the legendary Asian mix-masters of the 90’s.

Now on a mission to revive the art of the Mix Tape, Rajeev B showcases his incredible talent with ‘The B-Mix’ Chapter 1. Featuring 15 tracks in total, the MixTape brings together Rajeev’s massive hits Daroo, Hai Soniyeh & Beat It Boliyan along with some stupendous remixes of Moment 4 Life, Chiri Shika & Patandra!

The talent involved in creating MixTapes is phenomenal and is a true art form that takes skill and an immense love and knowledge of music. Combining different genres and sounds, MixTapes used to be an artist’s way of reaching their audience ‘on the ground’, but as the focus shifted to releasing commercial tracks and generating airplay, so the art form faded.

And now, in 2013, Rajeev B is ready to revive the original remix! He says: “As a young boy I grew up listening to the likes of Bally Sagoo who made the famous mix tape ‘Wham Bam’ along with a host of others like Death Jamm, MIB, Case Of Base etc. All of these mixtapes helped me develop my passion for mixing and gave me the confidence to develop my own style and take it forward. The beauty of remixing is that there are no rules…”

What started as a ‘_play about_’ with some decks has taken Rajeev B to a different level, as he quickly established himself as one of the country’s leading DJs, touring the UK and partnering with the leading DJ collective Kudos Music.

The MIxTape will also feature as the official free giveaway at this years Bhangra Showdown on 9th February at the famous Hammersmith Apollo in London where over 2000 copies will be distributed. Get your copy from the Kudos Music stall!

2013 is set to be another big year for the multi-talented DJ and producer. February sees the release of the MixTape, under his own banner ‘B Famous Productions‘ created as a vehicle for Rajeev’s remixes, to be followed in the Summer by his debut album ‘The Takeover‘ on the E3UK label.


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